Cryptonite in Beautiful Code
What’s This?
Cryptonite is a secure, OpenPGP compatible webmail system designed for usability.
Cryptonite will be available soon for use via the Neomailbox email service.
Perl Modules
Here are some open-source perl modules created during the development of Cryptonite:
OO Perl Interface to GnuPG.
SQL-DB based object persistence.
Object persistence with Postgres.
OO Perl interface to Mixmaster.
OO Perl Interface to PGP.
Cryptonite: Secure OpenPGP Webmail
The upcoming O’Reilly title, Beautiful Code, contains a chapter by Ashish Gulhati discussing the design and development of Cryptonite.
The book contains chapters by a number of leading programmers, sharing their thoughts as they walk readers through the design decisions and trade-offs made in the course of a diverse range of programming projects.
New Release of Crypt::GPG
The new version of Crypt::GPG (v1.63) available from CPAN fixes a number of small bugs.
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